The Katman’s Review of Espinosa Habano

Product Information

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Seed

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 5.5 x 52  “Trabuco”

Body: Medium/Full

Price: $6.00

If you are a cigar idiot like me, you’ve read how Erik Espinosa broke off from Eddie Ortega (Cubao, 601, Murcielago, La Bomba) and his other old pals, and started his own company with this being his debut cigar, alongside the La Zona, which I have recently reviewed here. La Zona is the name of Espinosa’s new factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

So instead of a history lesson, let’s get down to brass tacks…

Construction is absolutely divine, dahling. The Bambi like colored wrapper is toothy and oily. There are a few big veins but who cares? The seams are flawless. And the triple cap on the belicoso is well done.

The most prominent smell of the wrapper is dark cocoa. A very deep, almost bitter, sweet chocolate. The foot intensifies this aroma. And amazingly, I cannot smell any other aromas. The cocoa is that strong.

I snip the cap with my Palio and cuts a nice even slice.

My first impression on my palate is red pepper and cocoa. A bit of cedar. The char line is close to dead nuts.

I decided to review this cigar after only 5 days in my humidor because it seems to mature exponentially each day; and it started off great on the first day. So why wait. It will only get better than what I am reviewing now.

The spiciness is ramping up at the first inch. It makes my lower lip tingle where I burned it with too hot pizza cheese a few days ago. Man, that hurt! Which reminds me….back in high school; my first real job was working at the snack bar of a movie drive in back in Long Beach, Ca. I can’t remember the name but it was huge and classy; or as classy as a drive in can be.

One day, I was getting a pizza for a customer when it happened. As I pulled it from the steel oven with the big wooden paddle, I somehow lost control and the pizza flipped upside down and draped my left arm forming a downward facing taco around my arm…and the pizza sauce and cheese were scalding. My girlish screams made the giant snack bar come to a dead halt. Fortunately, a nurse was in the crowd and took care of me immediately and turned what could have been 3rd degree burns into 1st degree. I never did thank her properly. I should send her a 5 pack of cigars.

The cigar continues to burn beautifully. The draw is perfect; spewing out smoke like my ass on my wedding night….Did I just say that?

Just as I end the first third, a wallop of creaminess and buttery smooth toast plotzes on my palate. The cocoa is so strong, that I must go for my chocolate phosphate experience and grab a Diet Coke. Back to the future time when I was growing up…ahhhh…Egg Cream. Those of you from New York know what that is. A cola product and heavy duty cocoa flavor turns the cigar into a chocolate soda. Remember those? I would take one of those over a milk shake any day of the week. All those bubbles flowing over the top of the tall, fancy sundae glass.

The second third is a whole lotta’ love coming from Erik. The spice is making my nose run but is tamped down nicely by the wonderful creaminess.

Since I have already smoked a couple of these here cigars, y’all…I can tell you that complexity is not its thing. It is a cigar made up of what I consider the primary flavors of a Nicaraguan cigar: Spicy, cocoa, and creamy.

But at $6 retail, who gives a shit if its complex. The blenders bring so many flavors to the table that it is more than sufficient. At the halfway point, the body is a strong medium.

If you drag your saggy ass over to Cbid, you can get these sticks in the $4 range instead of the CI retail of $6. I can buy these all day at $4. Espinosa ain’t no slouch in the marketing department. Make an excellent cigar that brings the 3 major flavors of a Nicaraguan cigar to the forefront and then only charge $6 a stick. Word of mouth does the rest.

The last third really ramps up the flavors. They overcome me like huge rogue waves in the middle of the English Channel. And if you’ve ever crossed that damn body of water, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The boat rocks so hard, you’d swear it would capsize.

This is my first smoke of the day…and without any cereal in my gut. No spins. No urge to lie on the linoleum of the kitchen floor begging God to take me.

The creaminess is the master of its domain in the last part of this cigar, followed closely by the cocoa. The spiciness has been tamed. Yet, my nose is still running and my sinuses are wide open.

The cigar finishes up without bitterness or harshness. But it does reach full bodied in the last 1-1/2”. And now I’m beginning to regret not having some cereal. LOL.

As far as I am concerned, Mr. Espinosa hit one out of the park with this stick. I really enjoyed the La Zona, but I love this stick.

Don’t just sit there wasting your time reading the drivel I write, go buy some.

Source: Cigar Reviews by the Katman