Shaggy Feetz’s Favorite Cigars of 2012

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The Espinosa Habano and the La Zona Connecticut were both on Josh McCoy’s Favorite Cigars of 2012… See below for his full list. We are definitely in good company!

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Shaggy Feetz’s favorites of 2012

I have smoked so many great cigars over the last year, there were some that really seemed to stand out in my mind and some that joined my usual rotation. I don’t really want to rate one cigar against another but I will post my “Favorite 12 of 2012″. Cigars that made the list are cigars i smoked for the first time in 2012 and don’t necessarily mean that they were released in 2012. So, with that said, here is my list of 12 favorite cigars that I smoked in 2012. They are in no particular order, and the order that they appear in does not mean anything.
Sosa Cigars Super Selection V

Nomad Cigar Co. Vagabond

Reinado Core Blend

Miami Cigar & Co. Nestor Miranda Danno 2012

Paul Stulac Angel maduro

Espinosa Habano

Ortega Serie D

Underground by Sosa Cigars

La Zona Connecticut

Four Kicks Seleccion No. 5 by the Crowned Heads

Rafaeli’s Cigars Maduro

My Uzi Weighs A Ton+11by Drew Estates