Cigar Dojo Best Cigars of 2012

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We are proud to have two cigars in Cigar Dojo’s Best Cigars of 2012!  #10 La Zona Habano and #1 Espinosa Habano!!!!!

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Best cigars

#10 La Zona Habano by Espinosa Cigars

The cheapest cigar on our list (don’t worry, we’ll keep your wallet happy), the La Zona Habano is truly a “bang for your buck” cigar. Made by Espinosa Cigars in their new La Zona factory, the La Zona shows just what can be done when Erik Espinosa is in full control of the reins. This cigar offers massive amounts of smoke and doesn’t skimp on the flavor, including dark spiced rum, nut, and oak. This is a quality cigar, with construction one might expect from a high-end offering. Ready to try one? Here’s the best part, you can pick one of these cigars up for under $5, coming in at $24 for a 5 pack! Tell those cigar snobs to take a hike, this stogie is always welcome in my humidor.


Best cigars

#1 Espinosa Habano by Espinosa Cigars

So what is it about the Espinosa Habano that we love so much? And why do we recommend it to everyone on our cigar app when they ask “what’s a great inexpensive cigar to try?” Heck, we have talked at least a hundred cigar smokers into buying and trying this stick and all of them have been glad they did. The Espinosa Habano epitomizes everything about our top 10 Best Cigars of 2012 list, these cigars are inexpensive ($6 per stick), they feature perfect construction, they are widely available, and best of all, these babies taste AMAZING! Imagine taking a draw and having your palette coated with a full, rich, deep smoke that might remind you of a chai latte or a warm pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day. This cigar is like comfort food, it’s a stick-to-your-ribs steak, potatoes, and desert all rolled up in one. All other cigar manufacturers should take note of the Espinosa Habano because it’s every bit as good as a $20 ultra premium cigar, yet at a third of the price. If the Espinosa Habano is any indication as to what might be rolling off the line in the future at the new La Zona factory in Nicaragua, Espinosa Cigars is destined for a long and legendary future.

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